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Enter Your Search Criteria
You know what make and model you want, and now it’s time to find the best listing out there. Tell us what you are searching for and Spotto will hone in on the best matches across all dealership used inventories.
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Scan the Market
Spotto scans all available dealership listings daily and uses market data specific to the year, make, and model of your search to determine if a listing is competitive.
Step 3
Receive the Best Listings
Spotto sends you daily listings that match your search criteria, right to your inbox. Let us do the work - you just make the final decision when you find the perfect car.
What people are saying about Spotto
“It’s great! It’s a nice, handy, and helpful way to amalgamate possible vehicles from multiple sources, and saves me a lot of time.”

Fionna - looking for a 2019+ MINI Cooper

“It’s nice to not spend a couple hours every day looking for cars. I just waited for your emails, and I was able to find a great listing.”

Sean - bought a 2015 Mercedes C-Class using Spotto

“The new listings everyday helped me get a sense of what was out there in the market.”

Ben - looking for a 2017+ Honda Pilot

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